Ounces (US,liquid) to Cubic inches

Ounces (US,liquid) to Cubic inches Conversion Table

Ounces (US,liquid) Cubic inches Ounces (US,liquid) Cubic inches
1 fl oz1.8047 in³ 2 fl oz3.6094 in³
3 fl oz5.4141 in³ 5 fl oz9.0234 in³
10 fl oz18.0469 in³ 25 fl oz45.1172 in³
50 fl oz90.2344 in³ 100 fl oz180.4688 in³
200 fl oz360.9376 in³ 500 fl oz902.3441 in³
1000 fl oz1804.6881 in³ 5000 fl oz9023.4406 in³